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Thread: Bianchi Bergamo

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    Bianchi Bergamo


    I am new to this forum, so "Hi" to everyone. Trying to get back to cycling after about a fifteen year absent. Mostly a recreational cycling. Planning to join a club just to go on hikes. Looking at the Bianchi Bergamo and wondering what is the word on the single sided shifting system. Is it reliable? Did anyone have any problems with it? If I dont like it afterwards, I would assume I can replace it. Thoughts on whether this is a good idea or not?

    Much thanks..

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    The dualdrive system is very reliable; you select your low-medium-high range for the hub, then shift through the cassette for smaller gear changes. If you've rolled to a stop in high, you can shift to medium or low range while sitting still.

    If you wanted to change it, you'd have to get a new rear hub and have the wheel rebuilt. You'd have a 7-spd bike then.

    Internal gear hubs have been around a long time and are quite nice mechanically. The Bianchi Milano uses the Nexus 8-spd hub and shifts very smoothly.

    Don't just look at the Bergamo; take it on a test ride. Take two test rides, long ones. Shift through all the gear combinations. Go up hills, go down hills. Bring your hiking/camping gear and strap it on the rack; then ride it.

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