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    new bike - Schwinn Frontier GSX

    Hi I'm a returning biker at 52 and a father of 3. When I bought
    my kids bikes for Christmas I started shopping for one for

    I finally bought this bike today:
    (will be a couple of weeks before I can bring it home, have it
    on lay-away at my LBS)

    I was originally planning on getting a hybrid, but saw this one on
    the LBS's web site marked down from $300 to $200 (2007 model)
    and went down to check it out. Once I rode it I was in love. It's
    probably classified as an entry level MTB but I think it will be good
    for the kind of riding I want to do, getting a little cross training in
    and riding with my kids around the neighborhood and in our local

    It's been a long time since I've owned a bike (and never a good
    bike) so this will be very new to me. Already I'm looking around my
    area trying to figure out what the best places to ride will be
    Chris Conn
    Austin, TX
    Schwinn Frontier GSX

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    i started with the same one

    i started about 10 years ago with a schwinn frontier and it has served me well. last year upgraded to a hybrid and this year looking at a road bike. i am sure you will enjoy the bike for many years.

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