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    Trail a bikes with 24" wheel Gary Fisher???

    I'm currently riding a Gary Fisher Tyro bike with 24" wheels. Although this bike is marketed for older youths, I am rather short and petite and the bike size is perfect for me. Does anyone know if one of the trail a bike would work on my bike?

    My neighbor has the WeeRide Co-Pilot (cheaper model made by Kent) and we attached it to my bike. It did not attach securely and tipped the rear rider on sharper turns. Not sure if this is because it's a poor model or because of the poor fit.

    I'm considering the Adams Trail A Bike or the Gary Fisher Freeloader (not sure if they still make this, but I saw one on Craigslist) or another if anyone has suggestions.

    So my main question is - will a trail a bike work on a small lead bike or does it need to be a bike with a bigger frame?

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    From my experience, Trek, Gary Fisher, Adams, Kent, Schwinn, and Burley trailerbikes are only for 26"(559 rim) or larger wheeled bike. I've tried to find one engineered for a smaller, 24" wheel bike, but couldn't find one.
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