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    Trail-Gator fitting

    What is tightening a bolt to 3 foot-pounds? On the owner's manual, it says: "Bolt D and E must be tightened 13 foot-pounds (17.6 Nm). How would you describe it?

    I suppose that E part needs to move right and left a little... whereas the D part should be tightly fit.
    I don't get it. I'm especially concerned about the E bolt.

    full document: page 1 (point 3) of the PDF manual and page 4 (diagram 3) at the following link:

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    The instruction writers are assuming you have a torque wrench, a wrench that has either a mechanical or digital gauge that tells one how tight, by foot pounds and/or foot inches a bolt or nut is tightened. Unless one does a lot of automotive engine work, as well as a few other mechanical things, that requires fairly exact tightening of fastners, most won't have a torque wrench.

    Tighten the bolts so that the seem to be secure. If movement is required after tightening, make sure the part moves freely. Just don't over tighten and inspect frequently until you are sure all is OK. Then check every once in a while as you should with any part that is on the bike or pulled by it.

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