It's been snowing/blowing for the last few weekends here in Southern CO., My wife got a Monday off cause she has to work next Saturday. It's 60+, sunny with puffy white clouds today so we cleaned and lubed the chains and derailers on our Jamis Trail-X's and headed out for a ride. We live a block south of the "Road Island Rail-Trail", which takes us all the way into the city center (Co. Springs), picked up the "Shooks Run Path", south, then some less traffic side streets over to the bicycle lane on Colorado Ave. out of downtown to the "America the Beautiful" Park.

From the park over the bridge on Fountain Creek, picking up the "Midland Trail", which sadly ends at 21st. street (someday it's going to go all the way to 31st. street), rode down more less traffic streets over to the "Bike Lane" going north on 31st. street and over to the Garden of the Gods and the "Foothills Trail", awesome views of Pikes Peak (with a healthy layer of SNOW), over some steep little hills then finally on the downhill side onto Garden of the Gods blvd. to pick up the "Sinton Trail", which is wonderfully all downhill for many miles, you can really fly! Back to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail over to Polk street north, to a old fashion "Drive Inn" with a bicycle rack for a really tasty grilled cheese sandwich and a cherry sprite! Back on the Shooks Run Path, to Road Island Rail-Trail" and home.

A very nice 22 mile ride with lot's of surface changes and up and downhill's, the rides done the bikes are cleaned up and there's BBQ Chicken in the oven, SWEET!