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    Need an adjustment or "one of those things?"

    I bought a new bike a week ago. It's a Specialized Carmel with 26 inch wheels and 21 speeds. They told me to bring it back in after riding about 10 hours and with rain and life I am nowhere near that (more like 2! :lol). So today I went on a ride and while going up a hill tried to switch the left gears to "1" and the chain slipped off. I was able to get it back on and it was fine after that. But when I was testing bikes that happened a couple of times and I was told it needed adjusting.

    So should I call the bike shop tomorrow and take it in? Or does this happen on a fairly regular basis?

    It is also noisy on the 6 and 7 gears (while in 2 on the left) and has been from day one.

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    It needs a few derailer and cable adjustments. Take it back to the shop.
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