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    What do you know about Motobecane?

    I'm looking for my first bike in years. I've narrowed it down to 3 comfort bikes. Specialized, Trek Navigator, and a Motobecane Jubilee Deluxe.

    The lbs that carries the Motobecane is in my opinion the dealer I would rather work with in the long run as they will adjust the bike for life. The bike seems to have better parts on it than the others and they are all in the $350 price range (don't go by the list price on the website)

    Here is a quick link to the Motobecane

    Reasons I like this bike...
    Front forks adjust (others don't)
    Better Quality components (trigger shift vs grip shift)
    Bike Shop is way off MSRP whereas the others are about at MSRP

    Reasons I don't like...
    Seat not as comfortable I would buy a new one
    All the cables run on top of the bar others don't...not a real problem...just wonder why?

    Overall, I want the best possible value and the best experience in my purchase. Help would be appreciated greatly.


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    Whenever I've bought a new bike, I've asked for an upgrade of one or two things. I always want a better seat than what is stock. The customer should be able to subtact the price of the original components and add the price of the desired components. You might even get 10% off of that!

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