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    Family of 4 newbies

    Hey guys

    I have been browsing this forum for some months and plan to take the plunge into recreational family mountain biking. It will be mainly trails with dirt and few rocks, nothing challenging for the family, I may be stepping up on the trail difficulty level over time.

    I have identified 4 bikes
    Myself - trek 4300 disk -I am 210ibs, 5ft 11...will this hold up?
    wife - trek 4300 WSD
    daughter - mt 200.... 8yrs, 4ft4, I may 'convince' her to go for the blue to pass on 2 lil bro.
    son - trek float ...4 yrs, 3ft 6.5, he is still on trainers and I plan to take them off the old bike early fall so he can ride the new one without em.

    What do you guys think? I am in Canada and these bikes are a lot cheaper in the US, but may just swallow the price difference so I can build a relationship with a LBS since we are so so wet behind the ears on riding., does that really matter?

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    Don't forget helmets and gloves. Sounds like you're on the right track.

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