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Thread: A Little Dense

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    A Little Dense

    Today, I am very proud of myself. I'm not a fast rider and don't consider my self even a good rider, but I enjoy myself (that's what counts - right?) I have only ridden 50 miles a few other times but this time was a little different because I wasn't completely exhausted at the end of it. I could even still do a short standing climb). My husband has been trying to beat into my head that I need to keep eating and drinking during the ride. I have lousy balance so I have to stop to drink or eat. Well today, I did an experiment to see how well I would do. It actually started out just to see how a new pair of shorts would feel, but then became -- how long can I last. I made sure that I stopped about every 20 minutes to take a big bite of my power bar and drink some Cytomax. I took two water bottles but only filled one (dumb !!!). Luckily I was able to stop along the way to refill my water bottle but only took 1 1/2 power bars. Eating and drinking every 20 minutes really made the difference for me. At the end of 30 miles my legs were still extremely fresh (couldn't get over that) so I decided to take the long way home. The weather was very hot, at least 85 and I don't do well in the heat.
    Next time I will be sure and fill both water bottles (one with Cytomax and the other with water). I will take at least two or three power bars, that way I won't have to worry about having enough to last me the whole ride. I guess I'm dumber then I thought, why didn't I just listen to my husband long ago. Maybe I just like to figure things out for myself (but at what cost???).

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    Have you considered Gatorade or Powerade instead of Cytomax? Cheaper and available at any supermarket.

    About an hour before leaving the house I eat something that will last (I hope) for most of my ride (usually 30-40 miles) and take one or two PowerBar Power Gels, just in case I hit too many hills.

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