I have cycled on & off for many years - and have a touring bike - a handbuilt Raleigh Classic built circa 1983 - an equivalent of a Dawes Galaxy in its day. It's still going strong and I use it to get to from work or very occasionally for a run. The problem over here now is the traffiic is so heavy that a lot of the pleasure is taken out of cycling on local roads.
The bike is just not right for the'traffic free' gravel & dirt routes now (thankfully) popping up all over North Wales.

The terrain here is hilly, land rises steeply from the coast - and windy too being near the sea - so you really need the gears. Winter it's wet. I'm looking for a new bike with which I can go cycling with my family on these off road routes, but also with a turn of speed to help me get fit again (I'm approacing 50 by the way) . Being out of touch I have been 'dazzled' with the range now available - and could do with some advise on the right choice.
I'm not too bothered about the suspension for the sort of riding I need to do
- looking at a max of 30 miles / day. I fancy hydraulic brakes - i.e. decent braking in the rain.

I have looked at :
Marin Point Reyes - confused with this one - mountain bike but with slicks ? ? ok for gravel paths ??
Marin Nail Trail - more a mountain bike - too slow on the road ?
Trek Navigator 400/5500 too slow ? ? ??
Trek 7500FX - too much a road bike ??

Your comments would be appreciated.
Thanks !