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    A bit of the history of this forum

    This is a thread which I posted March 1, 2003:!!

    Hello, fellow recreational cyclists!!
    As one of the folks originally asking for a recreational forum, I thank Joe for getting this started.

    Personally, I see a recreational (and family forum) as a place where folks like me, who, most likely, do not fix their own bike, do not often go for 100 mile rides, who absolutely love their bike to maintain and build fitness in a more relaxed sort of way, who greatly enjoy riding for the pure pleasure and relaxation, who often rides on the excellent bike trails around here, to post about and discuss our 10 - 20 - 30 mile rides without fear of intimidation by those who are into a more intense cycling experience, who hate bike paths, who train intensely and rigorously, etc.

    Hey, biking is, to me, most of all FUN. That is what I would like to discuss. I see Joe has aleady moved some appropriate threads into this forum.

    See ya later.

    So, how is it doing?

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    seems to be doing well, and fulfilling a necessary niche here at BF. i've seen a few complaints that the R&F forum is dominated mostly by family riders, but these are pretty rare, since most posters to R&F are just pretty relaxed (as the forum title might indicate). i for one benefited a lot from reading through this forum in my own earlier cycling decisions, especially with regards to getting the whole family aboard/on-saddle.
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