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    DIY Pedal Blocks

    I bought a pair of cheap pedal blocks for my son's Trail-a-Bike:


    We've only been out a couple dozen times and already the rubber has split on one of the pedals. I used cable ties to secure them on, but I was hoping for a better solution.

    My LBS owner who sold me the TAB told me to bolt a couple of wood blocks together through the spaces on the existing pedals. Has anyone here done this? Should I use the plastic blocks as a template for sizing? What about bolts - should I use carriage bolts or something similar? Should I countersink the bolt heads? What about the nuts?

    Also, should I add some kind of counterweight to keep the pedals level, thereby keeping the exposed end of the bolt and the nuts on the bottom of the pedal? What about traction; should I add some grip tape to the surface?:

    Thanks for any and all replies!
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    Well, here are the pedal blocks that my Dad made for my first bike. A couple of chunks of 2x4 above and below the pedal. I don't remember how he attached them.

    I'd used the pedals as the basis for making your new pedal blocks. With blocks top and bottom, you don't need to worry about counterweights and it doesn't matter which side is up.

    What I would do, is countersink the holes in the wood which will let you snuggle all the nuts, washers and bolt heads below the surface of the wood. You can measure the nuts, washers etc to know how far you need to countersink. I'd just use standard nut and bolt with a lock washer, and washers by the head of the bolt and the nut. File off any excess bolt. I believe my blocks were uncovered, but the decking material that you showed looks good. Slap some of that on top of the blocks and it will look good and give him a
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