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Thread: Stabilized!

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    I'm a big proponent of the Greenfield Stabilizer kickstand. I've been using them on two of my bikes for some time now. On my family hauler I had been using a bipod kickstand, and it worked just fine for loading my son into his child carrier:

    Unfortunately, once I attached his new Trail-a-Bike, the setup did not feel stable when helping him climb onto his seat:

    I wondered if the Stabilizer would help. I procured one from my LBS and proceeded to cut it down to size. Apparently I was a little overzealous with my hacksaw because I cut it too short, and the whole works wanted to fall over. Then I started to wonder if I could put the short one on the TAB and buy a new one for the tow bike, essentially doubling its kickstand footprint. It took some more surgery on the already shortened kickstand, but I finally got it to work:

    Stabilizer on the tow bike:

    And on the TAB:

    I took advantage of the time tooling with the bikes to swap out the grips for some Ergon GC2s that I had sitting on another bike (Project Bigfoot... more on that later). Those folks at Ergon sure know how to make some comfy grips. Locked & loaded and ready for some family fun:

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