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    Chariot Cougar Year to Year Differences

    I've found a 2005 Chariot Cougar 1 with bike and jogger attachments on craigslist for about $300. It appears to be in really nice condition. However, I'm not sure what the difference is between the 2005 models and the new models.

    Is there any reason I should look for a new model?
    Does $300 seem reasonable?

    Thank you.

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    if it's in good condition, then $300 is a good price. all of the current CTS kits (e.g., bicycle, ski, jogging) should work with a 2005 Chariot AFAIK. There have been changes to design (e.g., they removed the glow-in-the-dark coating from the top cover in favor of strategic Scotch-brite because, in part, the glow-in-the-dark comes off in the rain, lol)---however, these new parts are also widely interchangeable (of course, check directly with Chariot for your particular model---they're normally very quick to respond via email). In one instance, i replaced my 2005 top cover with a new (then) 2010 cover; it was a perfect fit.

    in short, the changes and differences are small; all of the major systems are identical. a well-priced in-good-shape used Chariot will save you a lot of coin over a brand new Chariot, and will give you 99% of the benefits.
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