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    Help choosing a new U-lock

    I've read through all the forums discussing lock issues . . . but need some help choosing a new U-lock.

    Among the choice being considered: Kryptonite New York 3000 or Evolution 3000 (with the flat keys) or Onguard Brute or Pitbull (both flat keys). I've also seen good reviews about Abus but haven't found any place to buy one.

    Just wondering what the wisdom of the group is concerning the above locks (My only concern with the NY3000 and Brute is the weight, that's why I'm also considering the Evolution/Pitball).


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    Why are you looking at a "heavy duty" lock? Will your bike be locked in a "bad neighborhood" or unsecure area? Will it be out of view for several hours?
    If you're locking for only a few minutes (like picking up a few groceries, running quick errands, or while you stop to use the "facilities" on solo rides) go for a lighter lock or a coiled cable lock. That's what I carry on my commuter. I don't carry a lock on my road bike. If I can't take the bike inside I don't stop.
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    Most "run of the mill" crooks use methods that benefit from access to open areas. Buy the smallest lock that works for your bike and typical racks. Both the Kryp Evolution Mini (1.6 lb) and the OnGuard Mini have an open area of apx. 3 inches by 5 1/2 inches. This works fine on my road bikes for locking the rear wheel directly to the rack.

    I do not think that the New York 3000 is much better in the REAL world than the Evolution Mini because both will certainly deter and defeat a dim-witted and poorly equipped crook. And NO lock can stop a Pro with the right tools plus about five minutes of privacy.

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