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    Bell Lil Rambler Bike Trailer

    I am new to recreational biking (havent done it since I was a teen) I also have a 2 year old boy. I was debating between a bike seat and a trailer and decided to get the trailer. I saw that Toys R Us had the Bell Lil Rambler on clearance. I read a few reviews on and most were good reviews. I went ahead and bought the trailer (its was 39.98, regular 149.99). Has anyone here used it and if so, your thoughts?


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    I've got one to haul my dog around in. It's nice and sturdy, and I haven't had any problems with it. I've looked at trailers by Trek and Burley and while they are nice, the only advantage they have is a tiny weight advantage, there's not much difference in design. I bought the bell "Flatblocker" innertubes for it and have never gotten a flat. The trailer is tough as nail, and made of steel, which is cool, because a lot of them get made with aluminum, which I don't think is good for a trailer. The way it hooks onto the rear triangle is nice and simple as well, everyone I know without exception who has owned a BOB trailer has gone through at least one broken skewer.
    If you're going to use it as a trailer and not a stroller, be sure to completely remove the attachment for the front wheel. Generally it's out of the way most of the time, but if you attempt a really sharp turn you can seriously take out your back spokes if you leave it on. (Not the removable wheel, but the bolted-on seat for it, ya dig?)
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