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    Electra Courier 3i?

    Hello Bikers,

    I have just recently learned how to ride a bike (finally) now that I am 17. For the past couple of years, I have been envying a classmates Electra Courier and finally decided to learn so that I could ride one for myself. However, now that I have the ability to ride, I am finding myself with a dearth of information on this specific bike. I hear people talking about the Townies often, but have only found one thread on a different website that is about this bike.

    So my question is, does anyone own this bike and want to tell me their thoughts on it? I love the styling on it; I can't remember wanting to just hop on and ride with another model. In regards to what I will be using it for: the farthest I will be going is about 5 miles at a time, maybe 10 on occasion. I'm just looking for a bike that is fun to ride and cool to look at. So, unless anyone has other suggestions to look at, what do you guys think of the Courier?



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    The bike looks great!
    If you find it comfortable to ride, go for it
    Disclaimer: I don't own it, and only seen it in person in a local bicycle store.
    Electra makes decent quality bikes.
    The only caveat for this model would be around having only the coaster brake.
    If you are planning any rides in a hilly area, coaster brakes are prone to overheating on a longer descents. Also, the is no way to stop if your chain breaks or falls off. An addition of front brake would be nice. Have a look at Sheldon's article here:
    5 to 10 miles should be no problem for this bike, as long as you have reasonable expectations about your speed
    If after a while, you find you want to go faster, you could sacrifice some looks and upgrade the tires to skinnier/higher pressure 26" instead of the original balloons.

    PS: Post the pictures of your new ride.

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