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Recreational & Family Ride just to ride? Have a family and want to get them into cycling? Drop in here to discuss recreational and family cycling issues.

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Old 06-27-13, 12:17 AM   #1
Sixty Fiver
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The True Essence of Cycling...

For me the true essence of cycling is always found when I go riding with one of my favourite riding partners... she is not concerned with what people ride or how they ride but is instead is simply filled with the joy one finds when the wind is in your hair, the sun is shining, and you are on yet another adventure... with your dad.

Not too many people have her zeal or her stamina when it comes to riding... or so much passion.

I remember the first time she rode solo and she has never stopped... at 8 years old she would wake me up with her helmet in hand and say, "lets go for a ride..."

If you ask her what she wants to do there is only one answer... "lets ride bikes."

She is also fierce and gives no quarter to the wind or the hills that rise up in front of her and is always singing and when she comes down the other side her feet leave the pedals and point outwards as she coasts downward... and when she thinks I am not looking she rides no handed.

She loves her bicycle as it is more than just a thing made of steel and rubber, his name is Basil and he is her erstwhile companion that carries her everywhere she wants to go in comfort and with unusual speed... she always want to know how fast she went today.

Today, she handed her dad his butt more than a few times as we rode and she sped ahead of me... she says just wait until we take out her new racing bicycle and then you are "doomed". (insert maniacal laughter)

I will go happily to my doom and will probably hear my daughter singing as I go.

When she was 8 years old...

She told me that we need to keep this bicycle for her kids...

Stylin' and ridin' in all seasons and all kinds of weather except winter...

Today... at 13.

She reminds me of a little boy who felt the same way she did when he was her age... there was only one thing in the world that he wanted to do and he still loves to go and ride bikes.

I have the most fun when I am with my wife and daughters and we ride together as a family... there is usually lots of singing and when the girls are not looking I steal kisses from my wife.
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Well done, Dad.
Lightning P-38 / M5 M-Racer/Ryan Vanguard
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Old 06-28-13, 06:37 PM   #4
frugal rider
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Like a well written poem that only Dads understand...(Or moms)
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Old 06-30-13, 06:12 AM   #5
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Beautiful story
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Old 08-07-13, 02:22 PM   #6
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Fantastic! My son and I logged a lot of miles together. He lives in North Carolina and I am in Columbus, Ohio, so, we have not ridden together since late 2010, but, he still rides.
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Old 08-12-13, 11:53 AM   #7
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That was a cool story. Glad it got bumped and I happened to look in this section.

My youngest is 9. She just got onto 2 wheels last summer. It was a nightmare trying to teach her. She doesn't take to instruction very well or have the self confidence to figure things out as opposed to my oldest whom I taught at almost 6 years old, very shortly after her first riding on training wheels. The oldest I pretty much just held on a few times in the yard and she just peddled right out of my hand. That one, the oldest, seems like she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Saturday finally found time to take the 9 year old out on the bike trail. It was her first time riding anything other than just around in the yard. It again was a nightmare. She wanted to go to the tunnel which is 6 miles. I knew that wouldn't happen. I kept asking if she's tired, does she want to turn around. Finally she wanted to turn around and..... walk back! No way, we are pretty much in the middle of the woods, no light, and it's around 8pm, gonna start getting dark soon with no lights other than my little flashlight I carry for the tunnel. She's bullheaded and wouldn't get back on the bike and ride. Her legs hurt, her butt hurt, etc etc. When she decides she's done doing something, there's no getting her to continue.

I tried to get her able to stand up on the peddles so she could rest the rear. I tried to get her to peddle then coast for a while to rest the legs. She'd have none of that. In contrast, at not quite 6 years old, the oldest was on 2 wheels and would ride the 6 miles and back more than once to the tunnel if I let her.

The oldest is the one I want to buy a couple of kayaks next year and paddle around the various lakes we have in the area. She'd love it. Not sure what to do with the 9 year old. Too young to leave at home, too grouchy to take with us to have an enjoyable day.
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Sixty Fiver
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I have ridden road, mountain, toured and spent a lot of time on two wheels with some awesome people but also realize that these are the days that will pass all too quickly as my daughters become women and move on to other pursuits and then I will have to wait to ride with the grandkids...

That little blue Raleigh will be waiting for them... I expect that by then the bike will be 50 years old and I will be just a little older than that.
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Old 08-19-13, 04:05 PM   #9
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Thanks for the story. Really appreciate it - one of the best stories on this forum.

Makes me really appreciate the time I have with my kiddo's which are 4 and 5 years old.
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I rode some with kids especially the youngest son. Now after years of not riding I am riding a lot with the oldest son and just this weekend two of the granddaughters. Now I am working on getting the rest of the grand daughters bikes going.
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