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    Barends mounted near stem for aero position???

    I ride my 29er on the road a bit for training and like to stretch out when hammering on long sections. I am looking for some bar ends I can mount near the stem to stretch out a bit. Please see a couple of pics below showing what I am looking to accomplish.

    I have a standard 25.4mm Salsa riser mtb handlebar on my bike with Ergon grips. The handlebar diameter is 22.2mm right up until the stem clamp area where it grows to 25.4mm which is typical of old school mtbs...newer bikes are evolving to 31.8mm clamp but the rest of the handlebar with oversize clamps tends to still be 7/8 inch or 22.2mm to mount conventional mtb grips.

    I can't find much information on the inside diameter of bar end clamps where they attach to the handlebar. Where I want to mount to the handlebar is 22.2mm or 7/8" up near the stem before the clamp area...which would be the same diameter if I were to mount the barends at the end of the handlebar.

    I like the Profile Brief barends but I can't get any info on the barend clamp inside diameter. Ads I see reference a 28.6mm which doesn't make any sense if they are indeed bar ends as I know of no grips that would work with this diameter if the Profile briefs were mounted as bar ends.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks
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    28.6 is likely the fork steerer.. MTB bar are 22,2mm 7/8" until you start to get near the center bulge.

    yea, using bar ends in the middle as an alternate position has been done..

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    Done, yes, but they won't stretch the OP out, quite the contrary, they'll lift him up and tuck him in.
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