I'm looking to upgrade to a ti recumbent. I own a Vision R40 and have generally been happy with that. Upon doing a little research, it seems that Vision/ Advanced Transportation Products / ATP had a Ti version of their R60 Saber series. Vision Recumbent Bicycles: Guide to bicycle models and versions

Does anyone own or have seen an actual production version of this bike? Or is it a one-off unicorn they were advertising before they folded?

(please don't reply with all the other ti makes/models out there . . . if you know something about a ti Vision . . . it would be great to hear from you)

As an aside, The Bicycle Man's Vision web pages at one point claimed that the Vision tandem models came in a Ti version. I don't see the same statement there now. But I saw a very metallic grey Vision tandem on craigslist a few years ago that I didn't bite on. Perhaps all the Vision Ti models were custom?