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Thread: Pain in the

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    Pain in the

    One year ago I bought a Tour Easy. I now have 3300 miles on the bike. I decided to wear regular street shorts while riding. So I bought a few pairs of wick away under shorts and off I went. After about two weeks I started to have stabbing pains in the crotch area. This scared me. I got on the internet and read about hamstring problems, hernias and the dreaded C word. When dealing with hamstring problems the RICE treatment is recommended. ( rest, ice, compression and elevation) I did what was reommended. I rested, iced up, elavated and returned to wearing my regular bike shorts because of the compression they provided. The problem has gone away and I really believe it was the bike shorts that helped.

    I also walk about three miles a day. I found out that "elderly walkers" have an increase in hamstring problems. I am 69.

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    Whatever works. I wear regular shorts and haven't had any problems. The only pain I've had is trying to convince my wife I need a trike too.
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