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    Anyone with experience with Tadpoles?

    I've been looking at getting a new rode bike, but I'm a gimpy old guy (back problems)... and started thinking recumbent. I was surfing around and found a couple of recumbent trikes, namely the Wind Cheetah... and it looks REALLY cool.

    Does anyone have any experience with such a critter? Success stories, horror stories, etc?

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    I've got a Greenspeed GTO this past July. Love it!! Progressed from a road bike
    to a Vision R40 recumbent and now the trike.

    Many say the trike is slower, but I'd disagree. I was running with a pace line today
    that averaged between 20-22 mph. While it's true that they were pulling me,
    (they couldn't find a draft behind me...LOL), I often do 20 mph on my own. It takes
    a bit of time to get the recumbent muscles in shape. They are different from a wedgie.
    I also wanted the take-apart ability the Greenspeed GTO has for traveling.

    Windcheetah seems to be a good machine, I've never ridden one. I was put
    off by the single stick steering and the offset rear wheel. The rear wheel makes
    it tough to adapt a rear rack. I've heard it done, but it takes a bit of doing. started this thread in the wrong forum. Missed it with it being here.
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