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    What size tires do you use on your Tadpole Trikes??

    I have the 20x1.35 = 37-406 Primo Comet Kevlar tires on my WizWheelz 3.6 Tour model and the 20x1.50 = 42-406 Primo Comet Kevlar tires on my wifes WizWheelz Cruiser model Trike, so far so good on both trikes.

    I made a tire change & changed the rear tire to a 20x1.50 = 42-406 Comet tire and left the 20x1.35 = 37-406 Comet tires on the front, I like this combo better, pic on the right side shows this change.

    Thanks in advance and take care,
    Bill G.
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    Funny you should ask...
    I got some 20x3.5 tires for the GTT. I got the front ones mounted and was all jazzed! The thing looked like Grave Digger trike!

    Alas, the chainstays are too short for such monster tires! Waaaaah!
    They would have fit side to side though. Maybe it's time for a "custom" GTT?!
    (I have a picture, but I'll have to make it smaller to post it)

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    Two of the trikes i use have 20" tiogas on the front with drum brakes and the other one use's 16" primo comet tires. The 16's give better handling and speed but wear out twice as much as the tiogas.
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