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    Sorry ActionBent, nothing personal

    but I just sold my second Tadpole and now only ride on two wheels.
    I think, considering they were a year old, I did pretty well getting 1200 bucks each for them and not having to ship or take anything but cold, hard cash.
    No negotiations, no arguements, no hassles, just give me the $1,200 and it's yours... Simple.
    The trikes are gone, replaced with a HP Velo. Street Machine and (soon to be) brand new mountain bike.

    I liked the trikes, they were a lot of fun, but once I got on that SWB Velo. and weaved around a bit I thought "what the heck am I doing on a trike?!?" "THIS is the ride for me!"

    Now..... I've got a TON of questions about this new bike.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stupid
    I did pretty well getting 1200 bucks each for them
    Well Mr. "Stupid", this is officer Stedanko with the IRS and I'll be looking for that $2,400.00 on your 1040!

    Hah, just kidding! Hope you enjoy te new ride!

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