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    Sun EZ3 AX ?? review/video

    So, any reviews? I wasn't able to get my AX last year, but am hoping sometime this year.

    Also... I was wondering if anyone could make a video (many cameras now offer video) of someone using the AX trike? I've got a handheld device that I carry with me and have videos. I would love to see how the trike looks/works in real time.

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    Hello Fishcube;

    I am a past user of the EZ 3 SX and traded up to the AX model, as did my wife. It so happens that they were also our first recumbents, and the 1st trikes. I had to move out of MTB due to back injuries.

    I liked the SX model, even tho I didn't have any of experience with any bikes of a high dollar purchase price. I did feel that the gearing was not right for me. It felt like I was spinning too much for little top end. I have no desire for a high cadence(?) count, preferriing to apply more pressure to the pedals than more spinning. This works for me better physically even if it may be wrong technically.

    When ridding the SX it was a real workout to achieve a 10-11 mph sustainable average even on a short haul.
    We are very recreational riders, seldom going more than 6 miles at a very relaxed pace when we are together. I have been trying to increase my range but that's another story.

    I thought the SX needed adjusting pretty often, and was real tippy but had nothing to relate it to so I wasn't certain. I did like the adjustability of the trike and they sure got a lot of attention from observers and other bikers. The craftsmanship was very good, clean welds and smooth paint, the Sun trike specific components were very well thought out and the mechanicals worked well.

    WE traded up to the AX after 45 days inorder to get the better gearing and aluminum frame. What we actually got was a MUCH more enjoyable trike. It is faster, very much so - I can do 10-11 without hardly trying and for longer periods, it's more stable and only tips on severe side leaning inclines as would any trike, it's much tighter construction- not needing it's 1st adjustment yet with 60 miles on it (the SX had to be adjusted every 10 mi.), stops better, the rear derailleur is more forward on the frame, making it higher off the ground (the SX was constantly getting high centered and getting kicked into a higher gear). It does ride a little harder due to the high pressure tires but that is to be expected and is one of the reasons for the increase in speed.

    I would highly recommend the AX to anyone interested in a very good entry level trike recumbent that doesn't expect to set the roads on fire and just wants to enjoy their rides. The seats do sit higher that most recumbent trikes but for someone like me who cannot get up from the real low seating, it's perfect.


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