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    Burley Limbo. Got any mods?

    I bought this used Burley Limbo that I like a lot, except for the suspension shock and seat height. I tried dialing up the stiffness on the shock but it still bouces and the seat is several inches too high. I think a shorter shock would lower the seat and give me more adjustment options. Or could I replace the shock with a single metal rod with adjustment holes?

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    Sounds like a topic to take up with an LBS that sells a lot of ATB, where the likely replacement
    shock is to be found. If you have access to machine tools, making a suitable stiff replacement
    should be straight forward. A study of the mounts would need to be done to be
    sure that concentrated jolts, unbuffered by a shock won't bend or break something. Shock may need a rebuild for stiffness rejuv, but if it is still too
    long then that would not fix the other problem.

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