Hey there. A while back, I bought a 1991(?) Carbon Fiber Trek 2200 w/almost full Dura Ace($400!) from eBay and absolutely fell in love with cycling. As of recently, however, as I ponder the possiblility of touring (painful), I have become infatuated with the idea of a recumbent (eventually many). A quick glance at the prices convinced me that through homebuilding, I could not only glean a lot of experience, but could also end up with a decent bike and save a LOT of money.

After some research on the web, I decided on the simplistic design of the straight framed highracer (notably the Aero, Giro etc.). I found a bike that I absolutely fell in love with (http://www.manytracks.com/Recumbent/rinker.htm) which got me thinking that I should base it upon the recycling of a standard mountain bike (26" wheels usually, correct?). I would like to use a dual wheel setup but at the same time abstain from using expensive/hard to find wheels.

My main concern at this point is the size of the tubing to be used for the main structure. The common size for older mountain bikes (perhaps 1-1.5"?) seems like it wouldn't be up for the task. I was also thinking of a dual tubing frame (one above the other and maybe spot welded every once in a bit). If it all comes down to it, I will use exhaust tubing, but, like I said, I would like to recycle as much as possible.

Sorry to beat around the bush, but it comes down to:

- Does anybody have any experience with standard mtn bike tubing strengh?
- Any common problems associated in homebuilding? (geometry etc)
- Has anybody built a (semi good looking) dual 700c highracer?
- I would like to document it online, so any suggestions for servers?
- Advice?

Thanks for your time and I appreciate your tips.