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    Quarter ton load if the stoker doesn't STOKE!

    Took the "crew" out for a train/bike ride this weekend.
    It was a Bike to Work Week event that started in Santa Cruz, California.
    All the bikes & riders were loaded onto the train and we headed up the San Lorenzo Valley to Felton.
    From Felton back to Santa Cruz, the CHP closed Hiway 9 and only bikes could use the downhill lane.
    Unfortunetly it was not ALL downhill back to S.C.!! The first 2 miles actually climbed a couple hundred feet, before the descent kicked in.
    We quickly went from "off the front" (first 50' of travel)
    to "Caboose" by the downhill part.

    Reason being, that my 13 yr old is not much of a "stoker"!
    I swear I was making HIS feet go around.
    The total weight of the rig & passengers is just over 500 pounds!
    So if he didn't push those pedals, I was pedalling a 1/4 ton rig by myself!

    But on the descent, we were a runaway freight train! (max speed; 42.6 MPH!)
    (Crazy Popi!)
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    The tandem opposite of
    "the captain goes down with the ship"
    as applied to bicycles:

    Stoker makes
    No mistakes
    just a sig test !

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    OTOH, I rode a rans screamer tandem this weekend as captain for a guy who is blind, but don't feel sorry for him - he's got a bronze medal in the world tandem paralympics. The two of us were attacking the roadies uphill and winning every time. We were crazy fast.

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