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    Request Django accessories advice

    I'm a total rookie recumbent rider who, after 40 yrs on DF bikes and currently owns 5, bought a Burley Django two days ago because of lower back problems etc. Totally love the new ride but I have some questions. I need advice and recommendations from Django/Hepcat owners on the following:

    1. headlight placement
    2. rear rack conversion/compatibility
    3. equivalent of DF under-saddle tool bag & spare tubes
    4. frame pump
    5. onboard lock stowage
    6. locking methodology

    I intend to use this bike for commuting, errands and recreation and I would like to be able to use most of my "stuff" leftover from my DF days (panniers, road-toad headlights, frame pump etc).

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Burly Django set up

    I have owned my Django for about five years. Recently I started commuting to work a few days per week 12 miles one way.

    I have my headlight mounted on swing grip post near the front tire and two LED lights up on the handle bars.

    here is a link to a photo of the front light.
    Here is link to a photo of the handle bar and lights.

    I currently have a Burley made rear seat bag but I do not like it. There is not enough room between the rear tire and the seat. I will get rid of the seat bag and add a lunch box type bag on top of the rear rack.

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