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    rear wheel for a trek r200

    Howdy folks,
    Just got back from 24 days of touring with a rear rim that is a time bomb. Found the interior rim had a split going for 8 or 9 inches between the spoke holes. I ran into this problem on the road. No one carries 20 inch wheels with a free hub because most 20 inch wheels are for bmx's. are there any trek r200 riders out there that have come up with a solution for this? I suppose I will have to build a wheel, but I'd like to come up with a wheel that I can find parts for easily if possible ( tho I don't see how ) I'm wondering if going to an internal 7 or 8 speed shimano would be a good option to get rid of my rear derailer. Anywho must be some other folks that have had to deal with this and thought I'd use the collective wisdom of this site to help.
    If I have to build a wheel I'd like one that is really tough since I carry a lot of weight between myself and gear.
    BTW was a great trip of over 850 miles and beautiful weather along the Pacific coast.
    thanks, Roger
    "Life is like going out to sea in a boat you know is going to sink."...Suzuki Roshi

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    I had built a kids bike using 20 inch rims as shown in the link.
    It is a 36 spoke rim built onto a nexus 7 speed internal hub. It has worked out well. My kids are all grown out of this one now and I keep thinking these rims and tires (high pressure kenda's) would be perfect for a recumbent. BUT, this rear hub has an integrated coaster brake which probably wouldn't be good for a recumbent.
    David Green, Naperville, IL USA "The older I get, the better I used to be" --Lee Trevino

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    Check out No need to build your own wheel, unless you want to. I recently got a pair of their "economy" 20 in./406 wheels with 8/9 speed freehub for my RANS Tailwind.

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    Hey Freewheel, I have a wheel for you!
    It's a 406 with 3 speed internal & 8 speed cassette. Or is it 9 speed cassette? I'll have to dig it out & count the cogs.
    PM me if interested.

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