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    jackshaft on a tadpole trike

    I bin working on the idea of putting a jackshaft on a tadpole recumbent, the idea being that with the jackshaft you eliminate the need for rollers shorten you chain and give yourself a better gear ratio. there are two major/minor flaws in the design that i've found: firstly you do decrease the lenght of your chain but then you have two chains to worry about instead of one and second is that the gears are bigger then rollers so the seating postion has to be modifyd.

    I've built a quick prototype and it works reasonably well but im still working on the seat trying to get it out of the way of the chain without making it higher and compromising stability

    Is there anyone else here whos tried this design, (cause i doubt im the first to think of it) and if so how well does it work?

    thanks for ne help or comments,
    The racer
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    Picture of the jackshaft?
    just a sig test !

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