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    wannabe trike rider

    I'm new here, and to cycling as well. I'm a wheelchair user who currently rides a handcycle, but I can use my legs (just not to walk!) so I'm very interested in recumbent trikes. I think I still have the leg power to be able to ride one. However, I'd love to try them out. I suppose I'll post this in the regional section as well- I'm wondering if there are any recumbent trike riders in the Philadelphia/ SE PA area who would be willing to meet up and let me take theirs for a spin.

    Failing that...suggestions/advice? Thanks!

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    In addition to the regional section try forums as another
    popular recumbent site. There is a Yahoo group devoted to Catrikes also.
    Look under groups on the panel on the L side of
    You have to join to post but that is a formality.

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