Does anyone have any experience with there EZ-1 Recumbent and hub motors... esp front hub (16") since I would like to be able to switch out the front wheel and drop the battery if I'm having a few good days with my knee. Im about 125 kg / 275lbs and just bought a recumbent to get some exercise. With the bad knee that I have I am hoping to be able to turn a 10-12 mile commute to a manageable ride. Especially working in an industrial area 12 hours a day often back to back to back and would loose interest in riding then.

I am learning perhaps too late that I may need more bike than the SUN EZ-1 is off the showroom floor.
Any one know of any structural modifications that would strengthen the frame in preps of the near 350 lb load of me, motor, batteries and gear? I know a few good welders, I just want to know where the gusset tabs or box tubes would be added. I have heard of the AEROSPOKES and think those would be good for my rear wheel if I'm able to get the front hub motor.