I've been heavily reasearching ways to hook up baskets, panniers, laundry buckets...anything in order to haul more on my new bike. Since it's a newer design, there aren't accessories that are designated as compatible. So far, I've just been hanging a hiker's camelpack off the seat. It can carry 2 liters of water and my fanny pack. That's it.

So today, I looked in my closet and found a brand new duffle bag that was given to me for free at a ball game. It had a pouch directly in the middle that fits my charger (heaviest item) perfectly and there was a lot of room for clothes and stuff. The big strap slides right over the seat. I'm going to Home Depot to get some hooks to attach to the bar on the back of the seat. I'll hang the handle straps on the hooks. In that position, it doesn't even touch the frame.

I think I've got my solution.