I went riding this am with a friend. He rode my USX while I rode my CG Sparrow. Just as we went by the truck for some additional mileage he had a flat on a back tire so we loaded up the bikes and called it a day. After I got home I patched the tube, inspected the tire and not seeing anything of concern I remounted it and filled it with air. Later in the day I decided to take a ride across town and when I had gotten about 10 blocks from home disaster struck! I was headed down a slight incline at about 25 mph when there was a loud pop and the bike went out of control(well almost). I learned a couple of valuable lessons., 1st inspect my tires closer for a cut chord, 2nd and almost as important, keep your feet on the pedals no matter what. I consider myself blessed to only have a few scrapes and scratches.
What a wakeup call..lol it was "Uncle Toads" wild ride for a few seconds.
Be safe!
God bless,Mudd