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    New Trike Owner!


    My bent is being built!!!!

    After much research I finaly went to visit Chip at The Recumbent Bike Store. He was great to deal with Answered all my questions and fit me with, for me, the perfect trike.

    It's a blue Trice T with the following additions:
    Big Apple tires all around.
    Parking / drag brake.
    Air horn.
    Custom wrist rests.
    Custom mount post for a comp and light.
    Two extra bottle cages.
    Chain ring guard.
    Quick release kit.
    Rear rack.
    Grocery bag pannier.
    Single side SPD pedals.

    Chip had ample stock of the different models of Trice trikes including the new 26 wheel option. I went in sure that I wanted a QNT but after testing all the trikes he had, I realized that the standard track T was right for me.

    Looking at the pictures on the ICE site, I thought the Standard with trikes would be too wide for the couple of roads that I need to ride that have no bike lane. I was wrong! The standard width versions of the Q and T are only 2 inches wider than the NT (narrow track) versions. The Ride of the NT versions was only a little less stable than the standard versions but I didn't like the proximity of the wheels to my hands on the NT versions.

    I thought that I wanted the Q because the T looked too upright. Wrong again. The Q, while very comfortable, was a bit too low for my tastes. The T is higher and the seat is just right for me on the most reclined position. Chip said that it is easy to modify the trike to recline the seat more if I need it.

    Chip is assembling and adjusting my new trike as I write this and it should be ready any minute.

    I can feel the perma-grin setting in now...


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    Congratulations! Remember, pictures are in order when you get it!
    Dennis T

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    Man, I'd slap a 4840 electric hub and 20 amps worth of LiFeO4's on there, and sell my car....oh wait...I did do that.

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