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    RANS Rocket bottle cage mounts?

    I DO know where they are (under the mesh on the back of the seat).

    My question is, what's the best way to access them? I recall a reference in another thread to melting a hole with a soldering iron. Is that the generally accepted way of getting to them? The thinking, as I remember it, was that this prevented fraying of the nylon.

    If it matters, my new (to me) Rocket was manufactured in Sept of 2004, according to the serial number. The fact that a bottle cage has never even been mounted to the seat, as well as the fact that the owners manual and warranty card were still zip-tied to the back of the seat, makes me smile at the deal I got.

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    Soldering iron is the way to go.
    You might want to loosen the straps holding tension on the seat back and pull up the back to get a good look at what you are working with. That's assuming the 2004 seatback had straps and not zip ties. If you need to snip zip ties, you can replace them with new ones when you are done. Are the holes for the cage in the frame tubing or on little tabs? My new V-Rex has the little tabs. My 2000 Tailwind has the holes in the seat frame tube.

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