I am new here even though I have been riding for a couple of years now. This has probably been covered in the past and if so I apologize in advance.

I enjoy my EZ-1. It fits my physically very well. I have great confidence with it under me. My dilemna is that I am beginning to outride it. I am reaching a point where I am feeling limited by its speed. I have read about this issue from others and would like to find a way to make the bike faster.

I have read that some had converted the front fork from a 16" to a 20" tire and that has made a difference. My question is this: Is it worthwhile/cost effective to upgrade the components of the bike? So many have written about still using their EZ-1 even after upgrading to faster bikes that I wonder whether there is a way for me to continue with my present bike.

Thanks for your help.