This may be rumors & speculation at this point but coming from an LBS it may be true.

We all know that Vision closed their doors because they got over extended for many reasons. Basically it boiled down to bad business decisions on their part.

Recently I learned that a company like Burley or one of the other major recumbent manufacturers may be taking over the Vision line. I hope this is true.

I also hope a company like Pacific bikes does not get their hands on it. We all know what happened when they took over the Schwinn line. It would be sad to to see that happen to Vision.

Another thing that would not be good for Vision is if a company like TREK or other major non-recumbent manufacturer takes it over. TREK tried building a recumbent once. They had no clue what they were doing and the bike ended up being a piece of crap and they ultimatley scrapped the project.

Basically what needs to happen is Vision needs to remain on the market though no new models for the 2004 season. And they need to be taken over by a company that knows how to build recumbents.