It's two months to the 11th annual Recumbent Retreat, and we're close to full! There's about a dozen camping spots still available, but the registrations are pouring in. (Gee... you'd think summer's almost here!) Head over to or you'll be on the outside looking in! If you procrastinate too long, we'll figure out something, but...

There's a new option this year- you can register for the Retreat, but you don't have to camp at Fort Stevens. For $10 ($20 for a family) fee you can still participate and get all the perks, like Treasure Hunt tickets, ride maps, and prime spots in the Light Parade. You can stay at a local motel or B&B and join us for the rides and then have a comfy bed to sleep in. (Dang, I might try that myself!)

Speaking of rides, we're working on new ride routes for this year, and the town of Warrenton is building new bike trails for us to explore. In any case, there'll be new places to ride and old friends to see.

Any questions? Send 'em here and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Time to start charging the batteries for the Light Parade!

Trailmaster Jeff

Just in case: the OHPV has shifted to using an online forum: . Any questions posted there will be answered promptly.