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Recumbent What IS that thing?! Recumbents may be odd looking, but they have many advantages over a "wedgie" bicycle. Discuss the in's and out's recumbent lifestyle in the recumbent forum.

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Thread title fail.

lol... sounds a bit on the pedo-side.
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This would be the "peddle" side.
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My first response to a BikeE was something on the order of crude, ugly, awkward. Hearing from so many people who ride or rode them vastly improves their looks.
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BikeE was the first recumbent that I was able to ride without any practice. It handled well in the city, maneuvering like a minnow through throngs of pedestrians. Just the gearing was kinda low for me, and my lower back hurt the next day. Probably the best bent for a kid though!
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Originally Posted by andychrist View Post
Probably the best bent for a kid though!
I guess so!
Yesterday, he rode it all the way to his uncle's house....about 30 miles!

He says he'll have trouble making it through the day today, but he'll do his best.

This was also his first long ride IN TRAFFIC. Thank goodness he seems to have an innate ability when it comes to remaining calm while dozens of cars go screaming past at 50 mph.
Most of the ride was backroads, but a few spots were on hi-traffic sections.

I'll give him a big HI-FIVE for his endeavoring to persevere!
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Originally Posted by fordfasterr View Post
Thread title fail.

lol... sounds a bit on the pedo-side.
Only to you, which says a lot about the way you think.....
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Isn't everyone here a pedal-phile?
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Laurel Lane
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Dr. Deltron: It's too bad there aren't recumbents in every bike store at reasonable prices. Then kids could get introduced in the formative years. I think if I'd been given the choice early in life I'd have chosen the bent. I may not be impressed with their speed, but there is no arguing comfort or the ability to easily adapt usefull fairings for winter riding if not pure speed gain. I'm more interested in this bike form every day with the writings and pictures of others on the forum. Couldn't care less about how they look or who thinks they're weird.
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I just upgraded my son to a Catrike Pocket. It was a struggle because they aren't inexpensive but I got lucky and found a used one within a reasonable drive. I bought him a KMX Cyclone for his 12th birthday in May 2008. The KMX was great around the neighborhood and in local parks. It got him excited about riding, which was it's intended purpose. Once he began wanting to do longer, more challenging rides, the KMX proved too limiting. He had his first "official" ride on the Pocket on Saturday and was thrilled with the new ride. It really is a shame that more kids don't have access to recumbents (trikes AND bikes). Everywhere my son goes, he attracts a crowd of kids interested in his trike.
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