Well, today was bike maintenance day, and I'm pleasantly happy.

I had to replace the rear cassette a couple of weeks ago and went with a road cassette instead of a mtn bike one. The only real difference was that instead of a 32 tooth big cog I had a 28, which is acceptable for my riding. While I was at it I ordered a 'recumbent chain' from Nashbar..... big mistake since I didn't bother to count the links in the old chain. It came up significantly short - about 14 inches. My fault for not double checking.

I had to do something though since the old chain was pretty shot, pieced it together and ordered a 14' chain from Hostel Shoppe. While I was at it I got new cables and a stock of tubes.

So today it was chain and cable day. Working on the SRAM twist grips was a pain, since I hadn't dealt with twist grips before but I'm glad I did. My ride now shifts smoother than when I first got it! I did opt for the more expensive Teflon coated cables which I hope will last longer than the standard ones. And, I modified the twist-shifter. Okay, only a very minor one. I don't need that stinking little indicator for what gear I'm in - heck, I can't see them anyway on my USS so they are gone.

Nice little test ride and everything is so smooth I had to stop several times to actually look and see that I was in different gears. I've never had a bike shift that smooth. I've thought about changing out the twist-grips with the Shimano 105 components left over from my Trek DF as I really liked how they worked. But, I'll have to think about that as you down shift by 'bending/pushing' the brake lever...... anyone ever try those on a USS bent?