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    Foot pain...Pedal recommendations?

    I'm greatly enjoying my newish Stratus XP with one exception: I'm suffering from the foot pain not uncommon when using smaller, mountain bike-style pedals on recumbent bikes. The pain is both numbness towards the bottom of the foot as well as what I perceive to be nerve issues higher on the foot towards the ankle. It happens with both feet. I am not yet 50 and in generally good health. Today it hurt after fewer than ten miles

    I'm become very fond of my Speedplay Frogs over the years and of being able to walk comfortably once I've dismounted. I am more of a bike tourist than racer and like to be able to walk into coffee shops, etc. Alas, it seems that the Frogs are not appropriate pedals for my recumbent.

    So...Can anyone recommend a different recessed, mountain bike-style cleat such as the Crank Bros eggbeaters? I mention them because they appear to offer a larger surface area than my Frogs. Or am I fated to switch over entirely to the larger, road-bike style cleats and shoes?

    I've now seen this thread-- -- and am now a little worried that the condition is associated with the position of the BB relative to the seat, something not so easily altered!

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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    Hi, Clutch - you might try asking this question over at BROL .
    Namaste, Engyo
    2008 Rans V3 - steel steed
    1984 Trek 620 - old warhorse

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