After upgrading my Revive to 2" Maxxis Hookworms, an 11-32 rear cassette and matching derailuer, I finally got the off road opportunity on Sat 10/16 at the Galax, Va Fall Calors Ride on the New River Trail.

The bike did very well. Trail is Rails to Trails style gravel and was wet - if fact it was 50F and drizzle until nearly noon. 17 miles in 2:25. With the last 10 miles in sunny very windy weather.

Many many people were interested in how welll the bike did, wanted to try it around town in Fries at the end of the ride etc. I could have given away 50 brochures if I'd had them and I don't even sell bikes.

The tires and gearing are a must. The gearing is now std on the 04 model.

One other lesson learned - the Revive does not go well on to any conventional bike carrier. If you plan to shuttle somewhere think ahead. We wound up strapping mine onto a spare tire mounted Yakima carrier flat.

I'm not sure what the solution is, other than standing it in a trailer.