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    Comparison: Easy Racer's Hitch Rack vs. Hollywood Sport Rider2

    So I'm in the market for a rack for the recumbents.

    From what I've read, I like the Hollywood Sport Rider2 with it's 75" wheelbase capacity. I see it's rated for 100 lbs max capacity (or 90 lbs...depending on what literature you check). The SportRider is adaptable for use with either a 1 1/4" class II, or a 2" class III hitch and bolts into the receiver from the side for stability. Detailed Installation instructions are available on the Hollywood site

    The Easy Racer's rack, manufactured by Hollywood Racks, states a max. capacity of 125 lbs. and lists seperate racks fo the 1 1/4" and 2" receivers. I see no information on max wheelbase capacity. Also, the Easy Racer racks are "Tool free" non wobble installation...I'm not sure of the actual method. There doesn't seem to be much detailed info on the site

    Can anyone elaborate on the Easy Racers rack please? I would expect it to be a bit "beefier" and sturdier considering the price is almost double that of the Hollywood SportRider2. Considering the value of the load, I'd be willing to spend the extra one time expense if the rack is actually stronger.

    I do expect I'll be calling easy Racers but I wish to garner some info ahead of actually making the call.
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