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    Chalk one up for recumbent riders!

    Went to my LBS during lunch to get a copy of club ride schedule. The recumbent expert asked if me and my Vision wanted to be in the newspaper. I said sure and asked the details. He gave me the name and numbers of the guy I needed to contact. Right when I was ready to leave the guy called and talked to me there at the LBS. The guy I talked to on the phone is not writting the article for the paper but another 'bent rider. He has a LWB Tour Easy. But they need a SWB 'bent for the article.

    After talking with the 'bent expert at the LBS he was told I could possibly do it. So tonight we meet with the guy from the paper so he can take pictures of us riding our 'bents and we will be interviewed for the article. The article will run sometime toward the end of the month from what I understand.

    So fellow 'bent riders heres one for us. An article in the paper at least in my area for now. Contact your local newspaper maybe the same can happen in your area too.

    Our local newspaper is called The Sioux City Journal. I know they are going to run it in the paper, but they also might run it on their web site. If they do I will post a link to it when the article runs.

    Its amazing the things you find out and volunteer for when you walk into your LBS, huh?

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    Right on B-rider Power to the 'Bents

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    So, the score is:

    Bents - 1
    DF - 0 ???

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    Went to interview for article on 'bents the Journal is going to run. The article will run on the front page of the Living section on Sunday May 26th. As well as be psoted on their website. There was about 5 of us 'bent riders that showed up for the photos and interview. Me and one other guy were the only 2 on SWB's 'bents. One couple was on custom built Tour Easy replica's. And the guys wife that was on the other SWB was on a LWB Easy Racer.

    I learned there are between 20 and 40 'bent riders in Sioux City. We are talking about forming a loose knit 'bent riders only club.

    We rode from North Sioux City, South Dakota to McCook Lake, SD along the way there was a photographer taking our pictures. Then when we stopped in McCook Lake we were interviewed by the reporter for the Journal, who BTW is a cyclist himself.

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    The article is in The Sioux City Journal today on the front page of the Living section. Heres the link to it. Check it out please. To correct what the article states about my comments. I can hit 27 mph on a flat but with a tail wind. That was left out.

    Tell me what you think please.

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