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nogods 10-09-13 09:58 AM

DIY bike trailer hitch for recumbent delta trike
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I made a trailer "hitch" for my E3 SX from two aluminum flat bars purchased from Home Depot (this item:

First I bent a 7 1/2 inch 90 degree bend in each bar. Then I drilled two holes so that each bar could be attached to the two anchor points on each side of the top portion of the rear axle housing.

Then I bend another 90 degree angle at 2 5/8 inches from the first bend so that each bar turned toward the middle of the rear of the bike, and the remainder of the bar stuck out the back end. I cut the remainder so that it didn't stick out past the basket.

Then I drilled a hole in the end of both bars to attach the bike trailer receiver. I also drilled a hole near the edge of the second bend to use a screw to keep the two bars pressed together if I remove the trail hitch for any reason.

click on the pictures to see a larger version of each

From left side:

From right side:

entire setup:

nogods 10-11-13 10:23 AM

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Got a chance to try it out this morning - worked perfectly:

sofiadragon1979 12-22-14 11:36 AM

How difficult was it to make the hitch 'cause I'm going to be getting a Sun EZ-3 delta trike in the near future & I would like to use a trailer w/ it & this is the best adaptation that I have been able to find.

osco53 12-23-14 05:55 PM

Love that trike,

Still working on my Hitch set up..

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