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    Good discussion. I like the lightness and responsiveness of my DF. With my SWB bent, I am plagued with LBP in spite of fiddling with different seats and angles.

    Interestingly, this summer when I rode a rental LWB bent, I could ride that all over creation pain free. If I had the spare change I'd buy one.

    One the other hand, I rode my DF 35 miles about two weeks ago. Honestly, I was ready to be done with the ride at mile 25. I didn't notice the LBP because everything else hurt.

    Some might say I need to pony up $$$ and get a fitting, but I'm not convinced.
    Signature line for rent.

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    I ride a Tricross set up for randonneuring and bought a Xstream abut 6 months ago. This is my first bent and while the position is less stressful on the upper body the hills take more out of me compared to the Tricross. However, I am very aware that I am still working on my bent specific muscles. I have knocked out a 100km and am shooting for a 200km very soon.
    The 650c wheels on the bent drive me nuts because I find 23mm tires to be ridiculously skinny. I ride 28's on the Tricross.
    I have 2 mirrors on the bent and find that I am able to comfortably monitor my 6 more often as compared to the Tricross.
    I do miss the opportunity to stand and sprint hard over hills and bunny hop tracks on the bent.
    Both are great bikes.

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