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    Need some help selectiong off road tires for my recumbent.

    There are some good challenging potential bike ride routes in my area I'd love to do. Part of the problem is there are gravel roads on these routes. I need a good set of off road tires for my 'bent, the front is 20", rear is 26". Need some advice on what to look for in tires for gravel/dirt roads and limestone bike trails as well. Should point out that there is almost any type of tread pattern available for recumbents as there are for 700C mtn bike tires. The tires for 'bents may not come from the same manufacturers as the 700C tires do, especially the 20" size tires, but they are available. What I'm looking for is advice on the tread type for the conditions I listed above.

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    Yeah, you've got a Vision as I do..although I'm under the seat steering.
    There is no way I would go off road. Gravel is ify, if I have to I will, but
    I won't seek it out. I've been on my Vision for 4 years and still get uneasy
    near sand and gravel.

    I did change my tires to 1.75 in the front and 1.5 Kevlar composite in
    the rear, but not for the terrain. I was having trouble getting tubes to fit
    properly. Even from the LBS the 1.25 would kink and give me a wobble.

    Carry a first aid kit!!!! LOL
    Greenspeed GTO 1027

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