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    Wheel Doctor McGloin,
    I see you have a write up in the Bacchetta dealer profiles.

    When you speak with Rich Pinto and that young whipper snapper Johnny Schlitter ask them if they will be bring their Killer Bean paceline club to Indianapolis in a month from now for the Human Power Vehicle race.

    Those are two fine fellows and they can come to the PBJ party I am throwing at Indy. You are welcome to join in Wheel Doctor.

    Tell Johnny Schlitter I want to buy a blue Killer Bean jersey and wear it when I ride and walk my heavy velomoble recumbent up a hill.

    A big fan of the Killer Bean racing team and the beautiful aerospace titanium Aero.
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    HPV Elite Carbon Gelcoat Thingamajig Racing team

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    Forgive Spuds. Toss him a PBJ and he'll be fine.
    I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
    Good night and joy be with you all.

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